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Knowledge Test Prep

FAA requires Private Pilot candidates to complete Aeronautical Knowledge Exam per 14 CFR Part 61.105. There are two ways to study for the test.

  1. Ground Training with your CFI. All required topics found under 14 CFR Part 61.105 (b) need to be logged in your logbook. This can be accomplished one-on-one or through Private Pilot Ground School Course offered at local Flight School. 
  2. Complete home-study course – Private Pilot.

(if you will end up purchasing Sporty’s Private Pilot course please use FLT9446 code at checkout. Certificate of completion is required, otherwise you will need your CFI to evaluate your knowledge to receive en andorsement)

To take the exam you need to receive an endorsement which would authorize you to take official exam at FAA approved testing center. Sporty’s “demo” free version of test simulation does not provide you with the endorsement. Only full version will issue a Graduation Certificate which serves as an endorsement.

FAA Testing centers can be found here.